All quiet on the Eastern front.

It's possible you may have noticed this blog has been pretty quiet of late.  There are lots of reasons for that, most of which I won't bother boring you with.

However, one piece of news that will definitely have a bearing on the time I spend on this endeavour is the fact that as of tomorrow, I'll be leaving the U.S. where I have lived for the past 5 years to relocate to Singapore.  Things for me will (hopefully) be pretty busy so I doubt this blog will get noisier anytime soon.  It's a shame, as I've enjoyed trawling through the world of photography and spouting my opinions on things.  But there are people who do that more frequently and much better than me.  I may occasionally use this as a forum to post something I wish to say or share, and maybe one day I'll get round to writing those long rambling posts that I keep meaning to write, but probably not anytime soon.  I hope you've enjoyed the blog and the archive is of course always there (until I delete it or we advance over to holographic computing and all Google's server's get junked).  But for now, it stays. There may be something worth looking at in there, you never know!

Anyway, until the next post. Farewell.


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Stan B. said...

Thanks for the effort, good luck- and hope to be hearing from ya soon!