The Lyttelton Earthquake

The other week, an earthquake struck New Zealand. While much of the media focused on the town of Christchurch, the actual epicenter was the town of Lyttleton. I have a couple of close friends who live in the town. They had bought a run down property and were in the process of renovating it themselves. While there was some loss of life, luckily they and their young daughter are unhurt. Their house, while intact, is threatened with destruction by unstable land and they are currently being told to stay away. I've never visited the town but I lived with these wonderful people for years in London. The town of Lyttleton sounds like a wonderful place to live and the residents are asking for help to allow them to rebuild their town and community. If you are so inclined, read more below and please help them out.

By the way, click on the photo above to discover a novel way to raise funds for the relief effort...

Love Lyttelton

On 22nd February a violent 6.3 magnitude earthquake brought widespread
destruction across Christchurch. Lyttelton was the epicentre of this
devastation. Hundreds of homes, historic buildings, and virtually all
businesses lie in ruin. Many have lost their livelihoods and still
more are displaced, disorientated, or left grieving for the loss of a
family member, friend or colleague. As the ground continues to rumble
we focus on the now, on each other, taking small steps into an
uncertain future.

As each day dawns the realisation of what we have lost sinks in a
little more, but as each day dawns we also stand a little taller,
together, and realise that the inspiration and strength of this
community is not in its bricks and mortar but in its people, their
passion and compassion, their energy and spirit and that has not been
broken. Together we dare to look to the future.

Before 22nd February Lyttelton was an exciting vibrant little town,
taking bold steps towards sustainability, exploring new ways to create
and nurture community. Lyttelton had created an invaluable community
radio, highly successful farmers market, thriving volunteer network
and time bank, community garden, grow local co-operative, information
centre and supportive local business network to mention but a few
initiatives. All these are in jeopardy as a result of last week’s

Already, only days after tragedy there is talk amongst this resilient
community about not just rebuilding what we have lost but of using it
as a chance to create something new. Already minds are whirring,
imaginations sparked and hearts focused on creating a sustainable,
bright, better place, a Lyttelton of and for the future.

If you feel moved to be part of this creation, if you are able to help
us regenerate in a clean, green, sustainable, community focused way,
then please follow this link and donate to Lyttelton today.

You can also find us on facebook... search for Love Lyttelton and like
the page.

Project Lyttelton is a registered charitable trust that has been
working in and for the community for many years. Project Lyttelton
will engage the whole of the community in how best any funds are

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