A 'hopeless pandemic' in photography

I won't reproduce them here, as the whole article is worth reading to get to this point, but the last three paragraphs of this interview with Albert Chong over on Dodge & Burn are provocative and in the most part true. Since I attended art school in the nineties I have been horrified by the amount of bad art that is lauded and hailed as the product of some kind of untouchable indisputable genius. Critics and artists alike who don't understand the philosophy they're peddling and arbiters of taste who are more interested in art as an investment than as a cultural contribution.

By the way, the appreciation of art being largely a subjective matter, I reserve the right to decide for myself what constitutes bad art. And I read my art theory so I know what I'm taking about. So there.

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do you man every fashion photo that is out there today?