Places (Exhibition)

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Featuring works by Sooyeun Ahn, Minny Lee, and Unhee Park

December 1-14, 2010
Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 1, 6-8 PM

...Chelsea West Gallery
547 West 27th Street #307, NY, NY (bet 10th & 11th Ave) | 212.242.4251

About the exhibition:

Places showcases photography and video works by three Korea-born artists who reside and work in the New York area: Sooyeun Ahn, Minny Lee and Unhee Park. Despite their common heritage, all three photographers have divergent photographic visions and syntax, creating their own places in photography.

A photographer’s place is created by his or her history and memory; a work is a journey through the past and present interspersing reality and the surreal. Then the viewer, according to his or her own background, reinterprets the photographer’s place. This possibility of different interpretations widens the notion of the place and raises questions about the photographer’s work. The exhibition, Places,invites viewers to enter into each artist’s place and experience their own.

Sooyeun Ahn worked as a writer for 10 years before studying photography at The Tokyo Polytechnic University and the International Center of Photography (ICP). Slow Walker is her ongoing project of photographing city streets at night. Rather than documenting in a more traditional form and content of narrative storytelling, Ahn focuses on variations of possibilities and changes that could happen from photographing subjects through a very subjective vision.

Born and raised in South Korea, Minny Lee has been living in the USA since 1992. Lee studied and worked in the fields of fashion and art history before getting into photography. Her ongoing project Encounters began in late 2008. Lee is interested in personalities and characters of elements in nature and her interaction to the subjects. In Elsewhere, Lee seeks to capture and create an ideal realm within our reality. In her photography, time and space are crucial as well as feelings of intimacy that are translated into photography with her poetic vision.

Unhee Park studied Glass Art and Art Therapy before studying photography at ICP. In 2009, Park started her long-term project on museums. Virtual Memory consists of still photographs and audio interviews of museum visitors describing a surrealism painting at the museum. With her video work Visitor, Park has been interviewing museum visitors both in public and private spaces. After an initial interview in front of the museum, Park traces down museum visitors to their hometowns and interviews them with more personal questions. The project has taken Park to several American cities, becoming a cultural and social commentary of our time that everyone can relate to. Through her project, Park explores how people portray their identities to the outside world, weaving through both truth and fiction.

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