Anarchy in the UK?

Not quite yet.. But getting there it seems.

Anyway, the papers went with the money shot of two Royals on their way to the west end, probably because it is supposed to illustrate the class divide and conjure up notions of revolution and the proletariat rising up against the aristocracy. Or something. However, I like this one much better.

This is a great shot by Andrew Testa for the New York Times. Loaded with dynamism, symbolism and all kinds of other isms and nowhere near as blunt as Matt Dunham's shot - which I think is a great breaking news photo by the way and I understand completely why editors jumped on it!

From what I can tell from my current viewpoint on the other side of the pond, it seems like people in England are very unhappy. And it's not just the students. I wonder how long before the public spending cuts result in the police marching side by side with the students. Now that would be something.

Let's hope something positive comes of all this.

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