After the Quake - Andre Lambertson, Lisa Armstrong and Kwame Dawes in Haiti

"...if you cannot connect with the humanity in the people you cover, it becomes too easy to sensationalize, to focus on the brokenness and despair that supposedly make for better stories."

So says Lisa Armstrong

I tend to agree.

Earlier this summer I had the good fortune to share an lunch break with Andre Lambertson, who was my first seminar instructor when I was a student and has been working with Lisa Armstrong recently. I hadn't seen him for a while and it was great to catch up. In the time it talks to eat a sandwich the conversation covered movies, music, media, photography and video and the pros and cons of both, working as a freelancer, being human, consumer society, living in New York and a bit about the weather.

He told me about the work he had been doing on HIV and AIDS in Haiti and also the work he has been doing on a marching band in New Orleans.

In mid November, there was a great feature on the Haiti work on the NY Times Lens Blog. If you haven't already, I would check it out.

There is also more on the project on the Pulitzer Center website.

Andre has incredible integrity in the way he relates to people and it shows in his work.

Don't miss.

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