Exhibition: Annabelle Dalby & Lucy Steggals Chapter One—Origins And Approaches

My incredibly talented friend and all round wonderful person Annabelle Dalby has a show with Lucy Steggals in London this month. A lot of her work deals with found objects, archives and re-presentation. I'm very upset I'm not in London to check this out. It's all clever art photography stuff and she does it very very well. Press release is as follows....

Annabelle Dalby & Lucy Steggals
Chapter One—Origins And Approaches
Saturday 9th October 2010

Join The 12 Gallery to celebrate our first exhibition with artists Annabelle Dalby & Lucy Steggals.

This collaborative show at The 12 Gallery explores and questions existing modes of collecting & archiving.

These perpetual editing decisions are an intrinsic part of life and are very telling, exposing our desire to modulate our reality to project a preferred version.

Dalby & Steggals are appropriating objects and images from their own collections to create an alterior archive. Using their individual approaches; Dalby sensitively re-presents existing photographs to highlight that which we may have missed; Steggals appropriates and maniplulates imagery to weave alternative fictions. By combining the two they have made a series of works that resonate with compelling narratives for lives both real and imagined.

We warmly welcome you with cocktails and our house chanteuse Colette.

The exhibition runs until 29th October, viewing by appointment only.

Elin Clements
Tel 07868 731127

Rachel Weschke
Tel 07976 272704


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