Strait Is The Gate

This Friday afternoon I dropped by my friend's studio to borrow some time on their scanner. While I scanned a few frames and drank a beer over a quick chat, frantic activity buzzed around this rather atmospheric studio space on the corner of Grand Street & Bowery in Lower Manhattan in preparation for a showcase exhibition featuring some incredibly talented people. The temperature was almost 90 degrees and humid. Wonder what it will be like tomorrow when the space is filled with bodies...

Curator's statement is as follows:

Emile Hyperion Dubuisson
Wayne Liu
Pax Paulele
Gabriele Stabile
Louise Ingalls Sturges

Hidden in the flamboyant colors of Chinatown there’s a green stairs that leads to a green gate which finally conduct to a green, very narrow, hallway at the end of which two magnificent windows open up on a very unexpected scenario.

blinks to the famous novel by Andre Gide where a secret event was perceived by the back of a narrow door. This is the mood where the idea originated as well as running through a previous experience held in Rome in the nineties (Studio 14 was an open space where international artists, especially urban and street artists, used to meet and perform their works in complete freedom).

A studio space, in the heart of the Bowery, has become the sophisticated playground for artists and friends to meet up and mix images.

Five artists, mainly photographers, used the space to change perspective on their work. The results of their long term projects and researches was here overturned, upset, reviewed and discussed. The usual set of photographic display (frame, white wall, right light) was here abandoned in honor of the images themselves. Beyond the power of their singular content, images were here used as pencils, colors, paint, frames. Disconnected from their structural logic they broke in a new passionate melody.

Pax, Emile Dubuisson, Louise Sturges, Gabriele Stabile, former students of ICP in New York, and Wayne Liu, by now brilliant artists and photographers committed to their personal career, let the people share for once the studio mood where everything, or almost, is allowed.

Curator: Valentina Casacchia (text)

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