Oiver Pin-Fat: In-Land, Out-Cast

Digital is so neat, so clean, so sharp, so discrete. Computers are so dull. I remember when I was at art school I would make a real mess in the darkroom playing around with printing techniques, chemicals and all sorts. I even set fire to some chemical soaked paper in there once - not recommended, seriously - and got an amazing effect I was unable to replicate again. (partly for fear of causing a raging inferno). Somehow working on the computer seems so much more clinical.

Anyway, I was glad to see this essay of Oliver Pin-Fat's that utilises many analog effects, what are often referred to as 'happy accidents' though in this case Pin-Fat admits that he deliberately vandalises his film, something that would have the white glove brigade fainting in shock I'm sure.

photo by Oliver Pin-Fat

The end result is a great series of perceptual pictures that reminded me of the photographic work of Sigmar Polke, who I've just discovered died June 10th this year. RIP Sigmar.

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Ciara said...

i'm 95% certain that I was supervised through my undergraduate dissertation at Manchester Uni by Oliver's sister.
even if i'm wrong, I love what I've seen of his work...really beautiful.