From a Gulf Oyster, a Domino Effect

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

Luis Gomez, 24, a deckhand on the Miss Allison, pulled in the harvest from an oyster bed in Bayou Grand Caillou, La., for culling. More Photos »

This article is a good piece of journalism from writer Dan Barry and photographer Nicole Bengiveno on the knock on affects of the Gulf Oil disaster on several interrelated businesses. Well worth a read.

In the same day's paper, the Mayor of Galvaston, Texas was quoted as saying “O.K., so tar balls have washed up, and I think we’d all agree, it’s not a disaster, it’s a nuisance,". Granted, he was talking about the shores of his own town, and not the Gulf in general, but still, a nuisance? The chipmunk who ate my chili plant is a nuisance. An environmental catastrophe with severe economic repercussions is something a little more.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation Tom. It was a great article. The Burlap-sack guy's statement is depressing:

"He says that BP, the oil company responsible for the spill, has paid him $20,000 so far for lost business, but that is nowhere near enough to cover the $320,000, plus sweat equity, that he has invested in the company."

And, if we want to look long term at the effects I recommend this NYT video about how oil sits in "low-energy" marshland for decades.