World Cup Round Up

Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Guardian

Ok. So I've finished sulking. I'm still pissed at the officials and at FIFA about this moment, and I still think it might have changed the game had the goal been allowed, but England really didn't play as well as they could or should and even though it was a Lampard goal that was disallowed, I'm still at a loss as to why he is in the team at all. And he's not the only one I wonder about. Anyway, the players are all sitting in their fat mansions sleeping like babies in their expensive beds and probably keen to get back to their clubs where they actually seem to be able to play with some sort of passion and skill. Thanks Germany, for using your strikers to tear open the pathetically slow England defense and once again putting us in our place on the football field (that is, sending us off the field with our heads hung low...)

Still. That was a GOAL you idiot ref.

Picture: REUTERS

I was working during the Argentina/Mexico (another referee mistake in this one) and Netherlands/Slovakia matches but I did see some of the Brazil/Chile match, most of Japan/Paraguay and the last bit of Spain/Portugal.

Credit: Helmut Fohringer/European Pressphoto Agency

Photograph: Alex Livesey/FIFA via Getty Images

Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Guardian

After South Korea's loss I'm sorry to see Japan exit too though I can't say I'm unhappy that Ronaldo and Co. are going home. I imagine he'll moan, winge and whine about it as usual.

Credit: Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press

The quarter finals are shaping up to be some good games and I'm rooting for Ghana as the last best hope for Africa...

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