Not collateral damage

If you are under the impression that civilians and other non-combatants are killed despite rather than because of the best efforts of the military then you would do well to check out this video. The disgusting thing is that the helicopter gunner is so eager to shoot that he wrongly identifies camera gear as AK-47s and RPG's and even exaggerates (lies) about the number of people carrying the supposed weapons. I'm no weapons expert but even I know the difference between an AK-47 and a 70-300mm lens. Later, hen a van of definitely unarmed men arrives to pick up the wounded he can't wait to open fire again. I'm convinced he just wanted to kill these people and wasn't actually mistaken but deliberately reported they were armed in order to get authorisation to engage. The disconnect between what you can see in the video and what he is relaying over the radio is certainly enough to convince me of that.

Imagine if this was an 'enemy' military and the dead were U.S. (or British or European) citizens. They would be called callous murdering inhuman terrorists with no respect for life.

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