Premium Beef

photograph by Larry W. Smith for The New York Times

If you eat meat, you need to know how that food gets from field to table. I'm no vegetarian, but I strongly believe we should treat the animals we eat with respect. I'd love to be able to rear my own animals for food but as a lifelong city and suburb dweller I have only limited experience with the whole rearing, killing then eating thing. Plucking Kentish pheasants full of shot in a Peckham terrace thanks to a friend whose family hunted was about as close as I got. A few years back I photographed a beef processing facility in Brazil and this article brought back the memories of being surrounded by carcasses. And yes, I ate the beef that I photographed, at the farm where the cattle were reared and it was delicious. So next time you tuck into a slab of meat, pause and give thanks to the animal that you're about to devour.

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