As seems to be the trend with photographers who keep blogs, I'm going to tell you what gear I'm taking on a three week trip to South Korea to continue with some personal work. The work I am doing is on small scale agriculture which is a remnant from Korea's pre-industrial past. South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, but it's rural past is still within living memory and is an important part of the heritage and culture of the country and it's people. The juxtaposition of an agricultural past and a technological future is one I recognise from my home country of the U.K. People are not so different wherever you go. Full disclosure: my wife is Korean, her extended family are my room and board, my fixers, translators, drivers and often appear in the photographs too. Without them, well, I probably wouldn't even be in the country in the first place and the help they give me while I am over there is amazing. Me and my wife are also taking a trip across to Shanghai for a few days and leaving the kids with their grandparents. I've never been to Shanghai so I'm looking forward to that little excursion as that will actually be a holiday for me.

Anyway, on with the packing:

This is a big Lowepro Computrekker Plus AW. Fits a ton of gear and my oversized 17" Sony Laptop too. I will attempt to put all the gear into this one bag.

The necessary digital: Batteries, CF cards, off camera TTL cord, SB800, D200 (battered), 35mm F2, 17-55mm F2.8. Comes in handy but probably won't get used much actually.

Everyday: Nikon FE with an ancient AI'd 24mm F2.8 and a Leica M6 with the astounding voigtlander 40mm F1.4. One or both of these cameras will go everywhere with me.

Underwater gear: Nikonos V with a 35mm F2.5. LED underwater torch with a hotshoe mount. Only just bought this camera and am looking forward to testing it out. I had it checked out by Southern Nikonos who are excellent. Decided on this rather than an incredibly expensive housing for my land cameras. We'll see if it was the right decision...

The workhorse: Bronica ETRSi with a 75mm 2.8. I love this camera. Great quality. Solid as a rock. I'll probably be shooting with this most of the time.

The beast: A Crown Graphic 4x5 with a 150mm F5.6 lens. This will get used as much as possible, whenever I get a chance to slow down a little and take some time, which hopefully will be often.

Various stuff: Cable Release, tape, Sony PCM D50 audio recorder (a newish addition and one I'm hoping to give a good workout to this trip) Sekonic L358 lightmeter, long flash sync cord, Aquatech rain cover (unbelievable how often I find myself photographing in the rain) Delkin universal charger, 4x5 Film holders (2 six shot and several standard)

Well. It fits. With the exception of the charger, the 35mm nikon lens and the standard film holders. Not a problem as the charger can go in my regular bag along with my laptop power cord. The 35mm & holders will just get left behind.

I'll take a Domke F2 shoulder bag as my second carry on and that will be my day to day bag while I'm out there. I'm also packing a changing bag for the 4x5 film and a tripod. And a spare hard drive. And a rocket ball for cleaning off dust. And a card reader. And USB cables and pens.

Oh yeah. And the film....

Now to pack my one pair of jeans and a t-shirt and I'm set. Where did I put that passport?

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Tom White said...

A friend of mine said to me yesterday with biting sarcasm "Oh so that's how you pack a bag then is it?" Apparently she missed the tongue in my cheek. (With Apologies to Chase Jarvis, Vincent Laforet and all those others who have done a 'how to pack a bag' post....)