Next Generation Camera Sensors - Quantum film

Still waiting for that new digital Cameras to come out (Yes I am..Nikon.) before you upgrade?

Well, how's about an update in the very sensor technology used. No not more megapixels, better pixel pitch or full well capacity in the photo receptors, I'm talking about the actual technology used in constructing the sensor, with applications beyond cameras as well.

Here's a quote from an article I just read:

[...] InVisage claims to be able to create image sensors that are four-times as sensitive (or four times smaller for the same sensitivity) using a low-cost 8-inch, 1.1-micron CMOS line at TSMC, compared to the CMOS image vendors today who have to use an expensive 12-inch, 65 nanometer process to achieve inferior results.

For the future, the company also plans to target other specialized applications, such as pitch-black night vision goggles, cheaper solar cells and even spray-on displays.

"Because we have better quantum efficiency, we can also apply our quantum film technology to more efficiently collect light for solar cells, or for paintable displays on textiles, clothing and other novel uses such as glowing street signs and other night-time illumination needs," [...]

Is this the next step? Check it out here ...

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