More McCullin

A great little video interview with Don McCullin on the Guardian website.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pointer Tom.

Don McCullin is everybody's favourite right now. It's like his work has resurfaced and struck a chord in our times.

Given the conscience of his work it may be that McCullin will always be the zeitgeist in the room ... at least until humans stop fighting and thus photographers stop making pictures of the fighting?

Tom White said...

Praise for McCullin is deserved. He's been my favourite since I was an art student and a friend asked me to try and imitate some of his pictures for a short film he was making about a war photographer who changed his direction and started photographing beautiful abstracts. First time I'd seen his work. We ended up staging some pics in a burnt out building in South London and I have marvelled at McCullin's work and his attitude ever since.

Ciara said...

I'm going to hear him speak at the IWN later this month... really can't wait. He's a legend. A photographer now so devoid of ego - a rarity indeed