Ciara Leeming: Elijah Debnam

I am from the north of England (as I am repeatedly telling anyone who will listen) and I love that part of the world, even if it's now over a decade since I last lived there. Photographer Ciara Leeming has a good blog which includes some local stories from one of the region's biggest cities - Manchester, where she is based. One recent post is an exercise in beautiful simplicity. A portrait of an elderly gentleman in a pullover and a jacket holds a wonderful expression. Accompanying this picture is a brief audio clip in which he describes his views on a Compulsory Purchase Order put on his house, which could mean him being forced to move out of a home he has lived in for most of his life.

Sometimes you don't need a 50 picture edit with video and audio with 10 people's points of view in order to get the essence of a story across. Sometimes all it takes is one picture and a few spoken words.

Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

I also suffer from the compulsion to tell others I am from the North of England.

Lancashire, specifically.

And Ciara's work is top!

Ciara said...

thanks to both of you for your support!! the north rules. fuck london, yeah :o)