Disappearing acts: Turning a bowl on a pole lathe

This is a great subject, just the kind of simple story about one person's work that I really love to see told. If it had been narrated by Robin Wood - the pole lathe turner in question - rather than Jon Henley (I assume) and if Christopher Thomond's photographs had been complemented with a little bit of video it would have been perfect.

View it here.


John W. MacDonald said...

I quite enjoyed watching this. thanks for the link. love the last line, a sales pitch of sorts.

R Francis said...

Tom White missed the point - you need to see all of the series to appreciate what Jon Henley has done.
And you mis spelled complement.

Tom White said...

Perhaps you could elaborate on what I missed as I don't quite follow what you mean. I'm not sure I did miss the point - I was actually thinking about how the presentation of a good piece could have been improved; it is possible to admire and criticise at the same time.

But you are right in that I did use compliment when I fact meant complement. Same sound, different spelling; different meaning. Thanks.