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The other week I saw Marcus Bleasdale and Stanley Greene in conversation at the Host gallery in London, talking about their two new books (more on them once I've read and digested them). Marcus is well known for his work in the Congo - a region torn apart by a conflict sparked by the 1994 Genocide in neighbouring Rawanda with a death toll not seen in one war since the Nazi's invaded Poland and everyone kicked off. Incidentally, the Congo has long been a place of turmoil. For an interesting account of some cold war politics being played out with guns in the Jungles of the Congo I recommend Che Guevara's diaries...

I said to Marcus that I hoped he would realise his aim and get his book into the hands of people who could do something about the situation there and noted that beyond buying the thing myself there wasn't a lot I could immediately do, to which he replied; "You could go shout at your MP."

Of course.

There is always something you can do. Sometimes it may not seem a lot, but lots of little things add up to one great big thing - as I am often fond of saying.

One little thing we can all do is to go to the wonderful Condition Critical website (thanks to Benjamin at Duckrabbit for pointing me in the direction of this) and leave a message of support. That's all. It may not seem like much but as anyone who has ever felt that they are having a tough time will tell you, sometimes all you need is to know that people care.

Francoise's Story from duckrabbit on Vimeo.

Sometimes a little can mean a lot.

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