National Media Museum, Bradford - Don McCullin Exhibit and Animalism.

Today I went to the National Media Museum in Bradford to see the Don McCullin 'In England' exhibit. McCullin is one of my great inspirations, not only in his photography but in his attitude and it is always great to look at his work. A couple of things I hadn't expected to see included the page from the Observer newspaper with his first published picture and some contact sheets of a photoshoot with The Beatles. There's a couple more weeks left of this exhibit so still time to make the trip to Bradford and check it out. There is also a fantastic mini site and internet resource to accompany the show which I have mentioned before and is well worth exploring.

Towards an Iron Age hill fort, Somerset, 1991 -

I also took a look at the museum's Animalism exhibit, which had too many dogs on show but was worth it for Jill Cole's compelling pictures of birds trapped in nets on a nature reserve on an army base, Brent Stirton's photographs of executed Gorillas and Pieter Hugo's Hyena Men portraits. Jill Cole's work was the only one of these three that I hadn't seen before.

Bird #1, digital c-type, 2007, 24" x 20", edition of 25

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