FOTO 8 'Best in Show'

Well, it wasn't me. Nor did I get the people's choice award, and as you can see from the photo below of Host Galley staff member Harry (lovely chap) rolling up my unsold print for me to take home, I didn't sell anything either. (Damn this economy is tough on us freelancers...)

Not that I will lose any sleep over this though, as I managed to get a look at most of the work in the show as they were taking some of it down the day after I arrived in London and I reckon that I was in pretty good company. I'd seen everything on the FOTO8 website but that didn't really do justice to some of the gorgeous prints on display. Among the work that caught my eye were pieces by J Carrier, Samuel Hicks, Oli Kellet, Charlotte Rea, Erica Shires, Corinne Vionnet.

I am told it was probably the gallery's most successful show in terms of attendance - the two friends I gave my opening night tickets to also said that night was great (and packed) so all in all I think it's a pretty healthy showing for photography, fine art and the documentary style.

Oh and best in show? Torben Weiss. People's choice? Sofie Knijff. Congratulations.

As a consolation, I get to share a page with Torben Weiss in the catalogue and when I discovered this I of course allowed myself a little smile. Why not eh?

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retoque fotografico said...

A really exciting time getting photographs ready for an exhibition!