Don't get me wrong. I understand the need - no wait, I think the word I mean is desire - for fine fashion. Food clothes and shelter are the human necessities right? And who wouldn't want to look good while keeping the elements at bay. For someone like me who usually wears clothes until they fall off from from being literally worn out then the world of fashion is a foreign entity only experienced through TV, magazines and the discount rack at the factory outlet store. My wife is forever holding up items of clothing that I usually respond to with a look that ranges from confusion to outright distaste.

I also find it interesting that when fashion weeks roll around, magazines and newspapers burst with heavyweight supplements. Must be all that advertising revenue. Let's hope it funds reporting on the more serious issues.

Which leads me to 'War Photographer Shoots Fashion'. The phrase has an intriguing ring to it, something that might appeal to the business side of Marcus Bleasdale's mind. This English photographer who traded a career in economics and banking to become a photojournalist (now why didn't I do that...?) has spent much of his time covering conflict but has just spent a month covering the international fashion scene for New York magazine. I think Marcus' work from the Congo in particular is fantastic so was naturally curious as to what the result would be with his lens trained on the catwalk. He does seem to make the whole spectacle look fairly dark and cold, but that could just be because that is what my perception of the fashion world generally is and also due to the fact that I am aware of his previous work. Some people might find it slick and glamorous, but to me it looks - to quote the sex pistols - pretty vacant. Check it out for yourself here.

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