Censorship at Noorderlicht

According to this press release, Stuart Franklin - one of the curator's at this years Noorderlicht festival - has removed his curatorial text after being threatened with legal action by the AP.

Apparently the text was critical of Israel's actions in the attacks they carried out on Gaza at the start of this year.

(Thanks to Robert Stevens for posting this up on facebook where I came across it - isn't social media great...)


Paul said...

The Associated Press' statement regarding the Noorderlicht Photofestival can be found here:

David Campbell said...

This is a troubling issue with some questionable assumptions about whether photographs can "speak for themselves" -- I have written about the controversy at http://www.david-campbell.org/2009/09/01/gaza-do-pictures-speak-of-politics/

Tom White said...

Stuart Franklin's text can be found here.