Building on the past

The start of this month was marked as the 8th anniversary of the destruction of the twin towers of the world trade center in New York. While the event has lost none of it's awesome power (and I use the word awesome in the original sense, not the sense American teenagers use it) I can't help but feel that the legacy of this day is much bigger than the thing itself. Just before watching a compilation of footage called 102 minutes that changed America I watched a Dispatches program by David Modell on British Soldiers struggling from varying degrees of Post Traumatic Stress on their return from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq then a few days later I find myself reading about the English Defense League.... And so it goes on.

In any case, the mess that the world is currently in with regard to the 'War on Terror' involves a lot of backward looking and backward thinking. Not many people are looking forward - or so it would seem - and it is refreshing to look at photography that documents some positive moving on from the events of that September 8 years ago. That is the case when looking at the work of Nicole Tung, who has been documenting the rebuilding of the WTC site. I was introduced to Nicole earlier this year and have been meaning to post a little about her work for a while. The other day she posted a few photos on her blog which seemed timely. They are taken from inside the building site at the WTC, looking out through the fencing onto the street and the passersby with their curious stares and cameras, or even their indifference to the whole thing.

Photographs by Nicole Tung

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