One man and his gun

Truly, honestly, can someone please explain to me why healthcare reform is prompting people to compare the Obama administration to Hitler and Nazi Germany, or why this guy feels the need to turn up to a rally with a 9mm and a placard referencing a quote that overtly threatens murder and is used (actually misused) by a far right white supremacist group? It appears that in the land of the free the right to threaten murder is more important than the right to preserve life.

By the way, seeing as some commentaters have brought up the issue of political statments involving firearms and the right to bear them, we're not talking personal defense or even civil rights here. No one is threatening this guy's life or liberty. When armed militants marched on Washington in the 60's under the banner of The Black Panther party that was a political statement. They were literally fighting for their rights to be recognised as equal to their fellow citizans.
Some perspective on the issue is required; this is a debate on healthcare goddamn it!

Please take this man's gun away from him before he shoots a president, or a kid picks it up and shoots another kid, or anyone gets shot in fact. Unneccesary in the extreme. Even Britian's Daily Mail newspaper - not known for it's liberal and tolerant slant - found the story to be incredible. Check out this, if you want to hear the man speak.

William Kostric wears a 9mm pistol as he stands outside
a town hall meeting on health care held by Barack Obama.
Photograph © Joel Page/AP


Anonymous said...

In the American political system there's an position called "spin doctoring" in which naive citizens, conservative political cronies, and lobbyists (it's an insulting word in and of itself, no adjective is necessary) attempt to take a stance against any policy they feel threatens their pockets. Regardless of the positive social influence new policy may have, their objective is to block and disrupt governmental growth above and beyond that which is good for the affluent demographic.

If, for instance, a politician (Obama, or any politician for that matter) introduces policy which standardizes healthcare, removes private medical practice, standardizes doctor's salaries, and reduces the cost of deplorably expensive pharmaceuticals, the extremely privileged citizens in this country stand up and say "we're not gonna take it anymore." Why you ask? Because the privileged citizens in this country are those whose income is subsidized by the system as it functions today. They fear a future which lowers their multimillion dollar salaries and reduces the value of their assets.

We live in a capitalist country. Thus the main concern of most Americans is the size of the pile of cash in their back yard, not necessarily the quality of life for Americans as a whole.

It's an unfortunate truth which seems to concern only a minority of intelligent forward thinking people.

Stan B. said...

This nut job and the thousands like him somehow decided the tree needs waterin' after eight years of drought. Go figur'...