Liz Lock and Mishka Henner

A couple of weeks ago I was taking with a couple of people about social deprivation and was using the word 'estate' to describe places where there is often an abundance of this situation. The Americans I was talking with began to look very confused until I realised that 'Estate' means something very different in the US than it does in the UK. In the US the word still refers to a piece of land owned and managed by persons of wealth, whereas in the UK it has become synonymous with public housing built after WWII and often neglected thereafter - similar to what in the US is often referred to as 'The Projects'.

Via the always worthwhile Duckrabbit I came across the work of Liz Lock and Mishka Henner. They are director and chairman of the excellent Redeye organisation but I hadn't seen their own photography before. Much of their work deals with the people and places of the post industrial north - specifically Manchester and the surrounding areas. I grew up in a town not far from here and the photographs represent an environment I am very familiar with and as such they have a particular resonance for me. Check out their website.

Amy and Nicola, from the series 'Hinterland'

from the series 'Borderland'

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