Healthcare Reform

This isn't completely photography related, but it is an issue I care a lot about. Having moved to the U.S. from the U.K. I can attest to both the positive and negative aspects of both Public and Private health care. One thing I do strongly believe however is that basic health care coverage of a good standard should be a right and not a privilege. Call me a socialist terrorist if you like but it is something these people don't appear to understand.

image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. caption: Protestors hold signs during an anti-health care reform rally August 14, 2009 in San Francisco, California (via BAGnewsNotes)

I cannot honestly see what the objection is to the proposed health care reforms in the U.S. Most objections I have heard are absurd both in tone and content and appear to be more bigoted uninformed posturing than actual serious offerings to the debate.

This past weekend I read (in the NY Times - so obviously it would be instantly dismissed by anyone on the right as the propaganda of the liberal east coast elites) two incredibly sensible articles that - without going into depth on the details of the reform - neatly laid out the case for why reform is necessary.

One was by Sarah Lyall, an American writer living in Britain. One was by Barack Obama himself. As an aside, though I regard Obama as a conservative rather than a socialist, it is a pleasure to have an American President who can actually convey issues in an erudite and intelligent manner. A giant leap in the right direction shall we say...

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