Not if but when...

This is the mantra everyone utters regarding loss of computer data through crashing/dropping/burning/flooding/acts of god etc. Well it finally happened to me. Even though I properly ejected a portable hard drive from a Mac, the next time I plugged it in I found I had lost all the data on the drive. 120GB worth. Unbelievable. The drive was actually empty. No computer I plugged it into could read anything from it.

Fortunately, the stuff I was working on was backed up - well, I was actually working from the backup at the time as someone else was using the master, but the point is there was 2 copies of these particular files so I was able to get everything done with only a minor headache. As for the rest of the stuff on the drive - gone. The bitch of the matter is that this was my 'work in progress' drive, which means it had raw files and scans and documents on it that were in transit from one computer to another, or were in need of a quick edit and a sort before being properly filed (and backed up).

So, now I face the prospect of many many hours of headache with data recovery software and trawling through gigabytes of recovered files in order to see what files I can restore and what negatives I have to rescan and what I have lost for good.

The lesson here? Shit happens.

A picture of one of Corey Arnold's photographs 'recovered' from my hard drive

As I always say in these situations; 'It's a good job we don't rely on machines for anything really important right?'

So, even if I was to back up everything immediately in triplicate (which even with the best intentions in the world I'm sure I would not do every single time...) there is still the potential for things to go wrong and for data to be lost. The probability of the master and the backups all failing? Well, let's just say it's a matter of not if...but when...

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