Summer Reading

I vow to not buy any more books until I have finished going through these. I can't afford any at the moment anyway. Nor do I have the time to read, except on the train, hence the fact that I've managed to get through half of the Gonzo book since I bought it last November. The photo books are a little less portable. Anyway, from the pictures in them they look great, just hope the text is worth the weight.

Besides, when I have had time to read these past couple of weeks, it's been all about the Iranian Election. Plenty enough words (and pictures) on that subject to engage the brain without delving into this lot on my desk.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Thomas the Tank serves as quality reading.

Tom White said...

True, and bedtime reading for the kids is definitely a welcome relief from articles on geopolitics!

fotografia ślubna said...

An interesting arrangement of books, a typical from films.