Jack Delano

Someone should take the (copyright free) photographs of Jack Delano from the Library of Congress and publish a book. At present the best way to see his work is on Flickr. His full digitised archive at the LoC is here. I first came across his work a couple of years ago, and ever since have wished I could have a book to take down off the shelf and browse; by far my preffered means of referencing photography.

Anyone who stands on top of a freight train with a 4x5 deserves a bit of attention.

In my opinion an underrated photographer with a great eye, as well as one showing us the 1940's in colour.

Are you listening Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans?

... and all those who think colour photography began with Eggleston.

In fact, colour photography (of a sort) has been around since the 1860's...


Tom White said...

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fotografia ślubna said...

Oh, very beautiful photographs - Suitable for a catalog of beautiful views.