TIMEZONES at the New York Photo Festival

I spent a busy weekend down at the New York Photo Festival, due in part top the fact that I had a hand in organising an affiliated exhibition entitled TIMEZONES. We only finalised our exhibition space 2 days before the festival opened and with work from 26 photographers it was hard work at times but very rewarding once it was up and running. The people I met who offered their comments were very supportive and enthusiastic. Click here to view a few photographs of the installation.

Thanks to Sam on the festival staff and Anna from the Dumbo Gneral Store for giving us the opportunity to make this happen and to all the exhibitors for their excellent photographs, Jorge for the late night printing sessions, Francesca for the moral support, Pete for the transatlantic idea bouncing and everyone who made phonecalls, lost sleep, painted walls, had fun with wire cutters and got their hands dirty, especially Tiffany, Jason, Shiori, Christina, Deidre, Eamonn, Lucy, Richard and not forgetting Roger (the man with the Drill...)

Finally, thanks to my wife, who managed on her own with our two unruly children while I focused on this to the exclusion of pretty much all else in the final days...

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Alice Dison said...

very nice Tom, thank you for posting this... I was sad I could not make it to yet another expo. All my thanks and gratitude.