Beacon & Anthony Suau

Last month I spent a couple of days in Beacon, a town about 50 miles north of NYC on the Hudson river. I was photographing some small businesses and general scenes on main street for a Times article on the economy. One place not on my shot list but that I visited anyway was Fovea. This small independent gallery was showing a selection of work by Anthony Suau, who just won the world press photo of the year - for his work on the economy.

Forgetting the economy for a moment, I looked at the photographs on display from his work over the last ten to twenty years, much of which I was unfamiliar with. There is some really powerful stuff. You can check it out in his archive here.

In any case, Beacon has some really interesting people and places and is well worth a visit.

On a final note, I can't help but share an old/new juxtaposition; the former Matteawan Station House photographed by myself in February 2009 and below in a photograph taken in 1933, when it actually served a railway - it's currently apartments and shops...

I love old photos...

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