Art Fair at Michael Mazzeo

A while ago I got an email from photographer Sebastian Lemm, introducing himself and his work - some of which I really liked, especially from his series 'strata' and 'traveler II'.

Sebastian Lemm - traveler II # 6

From Wednesday the 4th March, he is included in a group show at the Michael Mazzeo gallery in New York. Other names on the bill are Juliana Beasley, Alison Carey, F&D Cartier, Caleb Charland, John Chervinsky, Rachael Dunville, Lucas Foglia, Jefferson Hayman, Yong Hee Kim, Chris McCaw, Leah Oates, Cara Phillips, Josh Quigley, Christopher Rauschenberg, Robin Schwartz, Will Steacy, Lacey Terrell, and Terry Towery.

So there should be something for everyone. Check it out...

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