More on Gaza

The BBC's Jeremy Bowen has recently traveled to Gaza and Israel to investigate the aftermath and effects of the recent assault on Gaza by Israel. It is an excellent report.

Listen to it here.

There is also an update of work from the area on Moises Saman's website.

As a minor aside, I have seen some of these images in the New York Times. Some of them were published in colour. Seems like a lot of photojournalists are preferring black and white these days.


Anonymous said...

Uhhhhhh, why list "Israel's assault on Gaza" and leave out Hamas' assaults on Israel? So one-sided! Don't judge because one side built an effective multi-cultural, multi-religious state and the other side remained moored in the, if not dark, very dim ages!

Anonymous said...

And besides, many of the reports, like the "massacre at jenin," the "killing of Mohammed al Dura" and the rocket to the UN school turned out to be false, manipulative propaganda.

Tom White said...

Anonymous - first of all, it would be nice of you to have the decency to identify yourself.

Secondly, if you read more on this blog you will see that I have indeed included Hamas' assaults on Israel. So I'm not at all one-sided. What you fail to grasp is the fact that Israel has brutally oppressed and violently attacked the Palestinians for decades in a way which is illegal, immoral and is the very reason this society is in rough shape that it is, though what exactly you mean by 'dark ages' I am not sure. It sounds extremely derogatory to me and also shows a distinct lack of knowledge about the people of Gaza.

Let me state this clearly, it is a fact that Israel has deliberately targeted UN compounds, Hospitals and civilians. I do not understand how you can call these facts 'propaganda' as there is enough evidence readily available to contradict those claims. If you want to email me personally I will be happy to point you in the direction of places where you can see, hear and read this evidence.

You seem to have fallen into the trap of thinking that a criticism of the Israeli actions means condoning the actions of Hamas. On the contrary, I think Hamas' equally indiscriminate attacks on Israel's civilians is also criminal and have stated that elsewhere on this blog. What is also plainly true is the fact that Israel has committed crimes and should be held to account. That is not one-sided, that is just expressing a human concern for what has happened to the civilian people of Gaza, not all of whom are militant ultra extremists bent on the destruction of Israel, not by a long way. The sooner people like you realise and accept that fact, the sooner this conflict can come to a peaceful conclusion.