Isreali war crimes.

Let's be straight about this. The Israeli military has committed war crimes and should be held accountable.

Can I put it in any language any simpler to understand?

Watch this report of an attack on UN school in Gaza. And demand the prosecution of Israel's government.

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Stan B. said...

I remember my shock the second year of teaching (Emotionally Disturbed) students, at seeing the victims of bullies from my first year (who I went out of my way to protect) turn and become the attackers of newer, weaker students.

I'm sorry, but seems the majority of Israelis can no longer cry and claim their persecuted victim role. They, along with Big Brother USA, have sadly transformed into some of the most barbaric aggressors imaginable. The swastika and Star of David have now transformed and intertwined into one unholy chain of insane indifference.