You've got something in your eye

Photo: Sebastian Willnow/AFP/Getty Images

If you have ever missed a photo you will have thought about how it would be possible to record what your eye sees without having to process the thought and raise your camera. Above is one solution.

I personally wonder how long it would be before you can get an implant that takes the electrical impulses from your eye and records them onto a hard drive so you can open them in photoshop as an image file.

It may not be too long. Film maker Rob Spence who lost his eye in an accident is currently working on having his prosthetic orb fitted with a wireless video camera. Even better is the team of scientists working on a flexible photo detector array.

Seeing as I don't fancy giving up one of my eyes (shortsighted and bespectacled though they are) to have a camera implanted I am still waiting for an optic nerve or visual cortex implant to be developed. I would work on it myself but I don't have a) the time b) the skills c) the cash. If anyone is willing to fund a switch of career to bio-engineering I may consider it.

Imagine being able to download print, share and distribute an image of anything you saw during the day. Never miss a moment - just point your head in the right direction and don't blink...

Actually sounds a little scary. Imagine the editing headache...

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