The Israeli military kills 200 Palestinians in one day

Palestinians gather at a bombed security compound of Hamas in Rafah, southern Gaza.
Photograph: Hatem Omar/AP

The photo above certainly has a post-apocalyptic feel.
Today, Israeli military responded in typically heavy handed fashion to rocket attacks on Israel by Palestinian militants, who are in turn responding to the occupation of their territory and continued oppression. With reports of around 200 Palestinians dead and another 700 wounded, this is surely an act of utter contempt by the Israeli military for the civilian population; a blatent disregard for life with not even a pretence to make any distinction between militants and civilians. It makes me sick. Now we will see more rockets fired into Israel by Palestinians, suicide attacks and a rise in the level of hatred. In fact, a Palestinian response to this attack resulted in the death of one Israeli woman. One more pointless murder to add to the death toll. If we are to see peace in the middle east, Israel must surely play it's part and set a good example to the rest of the region. This is not it.

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