Miroslav Tichy's Camera No.1 © Roman Buxbaum

Don't let anyone tell you you need the Canon 5D MkII to take pictures. You can cobble one together from kitchen rubbish and in fifty years you'll have your work exhibited in some of the world's most prestigious galleries. Seriously though, Tichy proves you don't need the latest gadgets to make photographic art. In fact, sometimes it helps to ignore conventions and technical aspects altogether.

If you like Tichy's photographs, you might also want to check out Sigmar Polke, though you might have to visit an art gallery or library to properly view and appreciate his work.


Anonymous said...

I have known Mr. Tichy for many years. He made his cameras to enjoy himself, not because of money. He was able to buy any camera at that time, but it wasnt interesting for him. So he started to make his own cameras. People in Kyjov didnt believe, that his cameras worked. The result you can see now.Mr. Buxbaum has never lived in Kyjov.The Tichys story is based on his own ideas

Benjamin said...

Hello Tom,

its Benjamin from duckrabbit here.

An interesting post and I thought off the back of it you'd be interested in a slideshow of photos David White took using a replica of a camera made to photograph Brunel in the mid 1800's. The camera itself is a work of art but the quality of the photographs is amazing, especially considering David could take no more then three photos at a time!

Let me know if you're interested in embedding this on your blog and I'll send you the code.