Earlier this year I was discussing some ideas for projects with a few friends and colleagues. One of the topics that came up was Pirates. We all agreed that a story on Pirates off the African coast would be one we would all be interested in. The problem is, none of us are Pirates. A story like that would take days, weeks and even months of research and work. Gaining the trust of those engaged in illegal activities is always a tricky task. This would probably be especially dangerous and difficult. These people are unlikely to allow a journalist to tag along for the ride as they jump aboard a tanker and demand a ransom. Besides, none of us had the time or funds to make the trip to Africa. So we dropped the subject.

However, there are always several angles to a story, and an article on Pirates was recently published in the New York Times. Granted these Pirates were all ones who had been captured and imprisoned but it just goes to show, there is more than one way to tell a tale. And some of the pictures are great.

Photo: Jehad Nga for The New York Times

"Pirates, pirates, pirates," said Gure Ahmed, a Canadian-Somali inmate of the jail. "This jail is full of pirates. This whole city is pirates."

By the way. I love the word 'Pirate'. Read the above quote out loud and see how great it sounds!


Anonymous said...

aaargh that was one of me favorite photos from that article as well matie...

Tom White said...

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