2008 U.S. Presidential Election - The Final Day.

I wonder if the following images tell you who I think you should vote for? As a British Citizen living in the U.S. I have no vote, but I still have a vested interest in what happens today - so I hope the Americans chooses wisely.

Richard Avedon

Ozier Muhammad/New York Times

Rex Features

By the way, In case you were wondering, I think you should vote for Obama, but not because he will save us all (intelligent and charismatic though he is); no, it is simply because a vote for McCain/Palin would be an absolute disaster. At best, an Obama administration will probably undo some of the damage done over the past 8 years. A McCain administration would continue on the same path and things would get steadily worse.

So for once, I agree with a politician's campaign slogan and it is definitely time for a change, though many people still disagree...

Todd Heisler/New York Times

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Stan B. said...

Wow! Would love seeing that Biden photo up close and personal.