Thomas Connolly's, Sligo, Co Sligo, photograph by James Fennell

I don't have nearly as many good photographs of the inside of pubs as I should have, given the amount of time I've spent in them. Gues I was too busy drinking, smoking, talking nonsense and making a fool out of myself to bother. Anyway, a country I have yet to visit is Ireland - even though I had an Irish girlfriend for a while and have several friends that hail from the Emerald Isle. When I do I will be visiting at least one of these pubs in a quest for the perfect pint. I may even take some photographs along the way.


Stan B. said...

Pubs in Ireland (and even the UK) are a world apart from their much sadder counterparts across the pond. Traditional pubs are extended living rooms where neighborhods, families and friends come to catch up, socialize and celebrate. The alcohol just facilitates the process.

Bars in the US of A are often much sadder affairs where the alcohol often winds up being the means and the end for many a loner seeking escape.

That said, I'll take the dumpiest dive imaginable next to a modern "traditional" Irish bar recreation complete with giant plasma TV screen with ballgame blaring.

PS- One of the coolest bars I ever walked into in NYC was The Half Moon Tavern on the Bowery back in the seventies. Everyone sitting about rounded tables in rapt silence, each with a quart of Bud beside them.

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