Invasion '68: Prague

On September the 4th in NYC, it seemed like the place to be in the photo community was the opening of Koudelka's Invasion '68 exhibition at the Aperture Foundation. I got their early with my son and my mum and a couple of friends and got a chance to look around briefly before the hordes of people overwhelmed the space and made it almost imposible to move, let alone look at the work. A couple of beers and a few hellos to some familiar faces and it was time to go. I have since been back and taken a good look around. It is well worth spending some time with these images. As photographs they are fantastic. It is no wonder they garnered the attention they did at the time. Koudelka is right there, in the thick of it. you can read the emotion on the faces of the soldiers, the civilians and the protestors. As a whole they are an important historical document and it is good to see more than just the 'ten best' that were originally chosen from the 5000 odd that were taken that week.

I was also told by another photographer to check out the sister show at Pace/MacGill as this has the original prints. Something I will hopefully get a chance to do this week. The inkjets are good, but those silver gelatins will have a little more of an object d'art aura about them I'm sure.

The photographer Josef Koudelka at his “Invasion 68: Prague” exhibition at Aperture Gallery.

Photo: Andrew Henderson/The New York Times

Read the New York Times Article here.

One of my favourite aspects of this exhibition was the photographs of posters that had sprung up following the Soviet led invasion of Czechoslovakia. As well as being on the gallery walls, these were reproduced as if they were the original posters and pasted to a construction hoarding outside the gallery building at 525 West 27th Street.

Nice touch.

Photographer Lucy Helton on W27th Street on the opening night of Koudelka's exhibition at Aperture.

And as always, I love to see the contact sheets...

One of Koudelka's contact sheets, reproduced in Aperture Magazine.

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