II AMERIKA Exhibition - Opening Night

Friday saw the opening of II Amerika at the ICP education gallery. Click here for more info on the show.

Thanks to:

Everyone who came on the night and helped make it the successful evening it was!

All the exhibitors for their outstanding photography and for working really hard in a short space of time to pull the show together - in some cases from thousands of miles away.

Deidre and Nico (my fellow curators) for their sharp eyes and bright ideas!

The ICP staff for all their support and for inviting us in the first place - especially Donna, Eugene, Per, Yvette (and her team!).

A special thankyou goes out to Doro and the excellent Doroasako for providing the live music.

Finally, A huge thankyou to Lucy who worked incredibly hard to keep everything under control throughout the project and without whom this could never have happened.

Also, respect is due to everyone involved who went above and beyond and put in the extra effort when it was needed to keep this project on track and make sure everything was ready on time. We couldn't have done it without you.

Onto some pictures...

II Amerika

Pax signs the comments book

The wonderful catalogue display

Christie and Gabriele find something amusing

My wife enjoys a beer (or two)

Chang and Louise in serious art opening mode

Lucy and Jorge celebrate

Satomi points out her work on the pricelist!

Discussing Richard's pictures

Julia checking out the Papz!


...and the sublime Doroasako

Axl & Dave (with Jenny in the background looking at me suspiciously...)

A photo opportunity

The crowd towards the end of the evening

The photographers.

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