Young Americans

Pat Dollard is a self styled Hollywood pimp who quit his high paying job and began to make a documentary about soldiers in Iraq entitled 'Young Americans'.

I cannot agree with his politics and on reading his blog I found much of the content objectionable. He seems to be pandering to the worst kind of short sighted ultra-conservative, gung ho, 'USA Number 1!' audience, especially if some of the comments by readers of his posts are anything to go by.


I found the footage he has shot in Iraq compelling and deserving of attention. Whether you agree with the angle he takes or not, it is well worth a look.

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e_a said...

I'll try to watch it. Having seen Dollard's website first, I'm not sure I'll be able to stomach it.

I did today watch a documentary HBO has been playing called Baghdad High. The premise of it certainly breaks no new ground - cameras given to a few high school students in their last year to film daily life, except that they're in Baghdad 2006-2007 and of 4 different religious backgrounds. The central theme of it is predictable, kids will be kids/boys will be boys, but it's an unusual sort of footage showing domestic life away from the checkpoints, attack sites, and military action more frequently covered. Interesting take on the citizen-journalist role.