...y'know, for fun.

One thing I love about the teaching I get to do is the absolute joy that kids and teenagers have for photography. The spontaneous snapping of stuff they find interesting without all the complications of being an over-educated college graduate with a folder full of notes on art theory, a head full of jaded assumptions and the pressure to please clients and earn money. I love photography, and sometimes I forget how much fun it is. Luckily my students, my nieces and my friend's children are there to remind me (adults often do this too of course, but most of the time they are far too serious).

Here are some pictures by kids from a Guardian competition.

This is Patty. I like to help my dad (who is an animal behaviourist) with his work. She is great in our house but outside she wants to chase cats and attack sheep. I have attached a horse lead to a goal post that stops her from running off.

Photograph: Max Sands,
12, Lancashire

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