Thomas Annan - The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow

My Grandma is from Glasgow, though she hasn't lived there for 60 years or so. I have many many cousins there who I haven't seen for years and one day I'll go there and track some of them down.

So when I came across these photos by Thomas Annan I feel like I am looking into images of my own family history. I wonder if he ever photographed a distant ancestor of mine, or if any of the people here were aquainted with someone in my family. I will probably never know, but these photographs resonate with me for all these reasons and more.

I may of course be romanticising...

The series was created between 1868 and 1871 as part of a commission from the City of Glasgow Improvements Trust, a full 20 years before Jacob Riis did the same in New York City with his famous publication - How The Other Half Lives.

More on this series can be found on the University of Glasgow's website here.

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