National Geographic

National Geographic is one of those institutions that has both it's defenders and it's detractors. Some of the world's greatest photographs have been published in it's pages and yet I often hear the name used as a derogatory term for a photographic style.

In part, I guess it's true that the photography perpetrates a kind of exoticism for places and people that panders to a kind of colonial outlook as in 'Oh look at the natives!'. Honestly though, I think this is a misplaced criticism and it is one of the publications I always find fascinating.

I happen to be spending too much time on the internet and at my computer at the moment and while doing some reseach I see this picture and I just stop.

It is images like this that remind me just how amazing this planet is. I hope I don't have to explain why.

Photograph by Chris Johns, National Geographic Image Collection

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