Quality Journalism

Many of us are in the habit of having a cup (or three) of coffee to get us going in the morning. However, the Fox News team have gone one better. In an advertising deal with McDonalds, cups of iced coffee will sit, product placement style on the desks of reporters. Though this will apparently only be during 'lighter' segments such as lifestyle and celebrity news.

I have trouble watching Fox News. After about 5 minutes I usually want to lock the door and reach for the shotgun. Would I say the reporting is sensationalist, alarmist, incomplete and biased? Um. Yes. When I first arrived in the States I thought the ominous voiceover at the start of the 10pm evening news was a joke. 'It's 10pm do you know where your children are?' It boomed. Was this an episode of Brass Eye?

So I don't doubt that before long product placement will become more and more blatant. I guess the subtle bias just isn't enough these days. I can't wait to see a newscaster end a segment with 'Goodnight, and don't forget, take sleepezee for a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, it's the number one FDA approved remedy for sleep disorders.'

Oh, one more thing. The coffee is fake. So is the ice. I have a sneaking suspicion that the smiles are too. And as for the news...

Good morning.

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