Afghanistan Panorama

Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

On Sunday I bought a copy of the New York Times for the sole reason that I wanted to have a good look at Tyler Hicks' pictures from Afghanistan. However, the printing in my copy was a little offset, rendering them a bit blurry and I had to go to the (free) online article to see them clearly anyway. I appreciate seeing the streetlife of Kabul, and the purist in me enjoyed the black and white while the geek in me wondered if Tyler was using an xpan, which is a camera I wish I could a) spare the cash to buy and b) justify purchasing. Check out his narrated slideshow here.

By the way, it was actually Monday when I got round to reading the Sunday paper anyway, and on that day Afghanistan suffered the deadliest suicide car bombing - an attack on the Indian Embassy - to date.

Another reminder perhaps that America's so called war on terror is far from over. If the Bush administration had concentrated their efforts on their most wanted man - Osama Bin Laden, remember? - instead of the folly that is the war in Iraq then more progress might have been made in this region. And by progress I don't mean a few more branches of KFC and a new Mall.

Photo: Pajwak News Agency, via Reuters

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Stan B. said...

If we had stayed in Afghanistan, fixed their infrastructure and made it a viable, working country once again... it would have cost us far less in both lives and money- and Muslims worldwide would have given us props, and dissed terrorists everywhere big time! But that would have been the right and moral thing to do (not to mention easier).

And I want an XPan too (esp with the WA).