Violence wins votes in Zimbabwe

Photo: Dead Elephant near Shumba, Zimbabwe, Gary Knight, vii

I thought I would use this shot by Gary Knight as a metaphor for what is happening in Zimbabwe at the moment, seeing as so little foreign press is allowed in.

To sum up, the only credible opposition to Mugabe and the Zanu PF - Tsvangirai and the MDC - are urging their supporters to vote for Mugabe in the run-off presidential election in order to avoid violent reprisal. Click here and here to read more about recent events.

I find it shocking that Mugabe is still in Power. While the US government (and others) preach about bringing democracy to the middle east, the hypocrisy of their foreign policy is revealed (once again) in their complete absence of engagement with this issue. Even I knew that when the farce that was the elections played out earlier this year, Mugabe would never relinquish power without a fight and it seems that his continued threatening and violent suppression has won out.

It is absolutely fucking disgraceful. The world's leaders should be ashamed at how they have handled this affair and it just further adds to my disgust at the political classes and how they are so blatantly and arrogantly mismanaging this planet.